Yours is the best, most comprehensive story about the origin of the ignominious Columbus Day celebration I’ve ever read. I have campaigned for ‘Native America Day’ or ‘Indigenous Day’ for years, trying to educate people about Columbus’s acts of genocide.

I was happily drawn to your ‘Goodbye, Columbus’ story from the Native Hoop article you did. Although, in that story I believe you referred to the hanging of 11 Italians in 1891 as the ‘largest mass hanging in American History’ — but, I’m sure you’re aware of 38 Dakota Indians hanged in Mankato, MN on Dec. 26, 1862, another American act of genocide (this time perpetrated by Abraham Lincoln himself).

Thank you for your excellent reporting.



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Dave Rhody

I’ve been many things, but always a writer. Training with Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project is the latest chapter of a long journey toward understanding.