This article certainly rings true with my experience of Marin people. Lots of well-intended people, many of whom are blind to their own narrow views.

Just after George Floyd's death a gentleman from Marin who's part of my climate action group seriously suggested that we should 'borrow' the key line that #BlackLivesMatter was using to draw attention to the injustice of Floyd's death: 'I can't breathe.'

Seeing it as a good slogan for clean air politicies, he had no idea how insensitive he was being to the #BLM cause. This is the same guy who was OK with the new diesel buring commuter train in Marin as along as the train station parking lot had plenty of charging stations for his Tesla.



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Dave Rhody

I’ve been many things, but always a writer. Training with Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project is the latest chapter of a long journey toward understanding.