Discussing the age old issue of humanity vs nature, tree expert Dr. Patricia Westford says she already knows “which side will lose by winning.”

Dr. Westford is one of a dozen characters in Richard Powers’ gut-wrenching novel, The Overstory, who dedicate their lives to the understanding and preservation of trees…

Agreed, we need to focus on the solutions right in front of us. As for your statement about looking for "a more complicated, technologically-aggressive solution that is years or decades away from practical use." -- I think we already have tech-based solutions that we're ignoring. More to the point, we are not demanding that the big tech firms apply their capapbilities but instead get all Jetson-age giggly about owning a self-driving car sometime in the near future.

Dave Rhody

I’ve been many things, but always a writer. Training with Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project is the latest chapter of a long journey toward understanding.

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